18 de julho de 2008

Greater Omaha


Greater Omaha - Desaparecidos

Well traffic's kind of bad
They're widening Easy Street to fit more SUVs
They're planting baby trees to grow to shady peaks
A little shelter from the sun or the upper tax bracket
Here on the cul-de-sac we're not giving back until the community repents
Cause we can't afford to be generous
There's closing costs and a narrow margin
So go earn your degree and we'll take you out to lunch
You can work for us but you gotta eat em all up
Yeah one more mouth full and we will be happy then

Out west they're moving dirt to make a greater Omaha
Another franchise sold so there's even more restaurants per capita
And they all got a drive-thru yeah, who's got time to dine ?
Although the floors are clean, the color scheme it compliments me every time
So no one starves in this cattle town
The semis pass making squealing sounds
And its all you can eat and they will never get enough
They'll be feeding us, they'll be feeding on us
Just one more mouthful and they will be happy then

All those golden fields, lovely empty space
They're building drug stores now until none remains
I've been driving now for 100 blocks Saw 50 Kum and Go's, 60 parking lots.
Yeah one more mouthful and they will be happy then.
WOOYeah one more mouth full and we will be happy then
Yeah one more, one more...
Just one more
Just one more
Just one more

Minha música favorita do Desaparecidos, ex-side project do Conor Oberst. Mais crítico, mais politizado, mais inteligente, menos emo, haha.
Meus versos favoritos em roxo.
Porque eu tenho uma ligação pessoal com o meio oeste americano. Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, e etc. As melhores bandas vêm daí.

OBS: Não consegui fazer com que o vídeo aparecesse aqui.